Used Truck Sales



Q: Is financing available?
A: Yes – We have some companies that we deal with on a regular basis  to meet your needs.  

Q: What forms of payment are accepted? 
A: Wire transfers, certified or cashier’s checks are all acceptable as payment for vehicles.

Q: Will you hold vehicles pending sale?
A: We can only hold vehicles for which we receive a non-refundable deposit or for which a credit application is approved awaiting funding by the financing source.

Q: Do your trucks come with a Warranty?
A: Yes.  We offer a 30 day power train warranty in our shops:


I. Engine

  1. Covered Items
    All internal engine components will be covered in the normal course of operation.  These include the following: cylinder heads, valve covers, oil pan and all components contained therein.  Also, fuel pump, water pump, fan hub, idler pulley, turbo charger, intake and exhaust manifolds, flywheel housing, flywheel, oil cooler, thermostats and housing, engine brake, if so equipped,  and all engine seals and gaskets.
  2. Non-covered items
    Air filtration system, power steering, starter, alternator and their wiring harness; fluid leaks that are confined to coolant, oil or fuel hoses and filters are not covered. Throttle linkage, fan clutch, radiator, belts, air conditioning compressor and air compressor are not part of the engine, therefore, are not covered under engine warranty.
  3. Exceptions 
    If fuel system has been found to be altered from its original specs when vehicle was delivered, D.M. Bowman reserves the right to void the warranty, or if the vehicle was operated in a negligent or abusive manner, D.M. Bowman reserves the right to void the warranty.

II. Transmission, rear axle and drive line

  1. Covered items:  All major components
  2. Non-covered items:  Oil seals, wheel bearings and u-joints.
  3. Exceptions:  If there is evidence the vehicle was operated in a negligent or abusive manner, D.M. Bowman reserves the right to void the warranty.

Length of warranty and any additions or deletions pertaining to the implied warranty will be specified in the Sales Agreement.  The implied warranty will cover 100% of parts and labor for the duration of the warranty.  ALL REPAIRS MUST BE MADE AT D.M. BOWMAN FACILITY.  It is the responsibility of the purchaser to bring the said equipment to a D.M. Bowman facility.
Any modification to warranted components would void the warranty on that component and the components affected.  Factory warranty supersedes all other warranties.
In addition, many of our late model tractors have portions of manufacturers’ extended warranties remaining.  If you prefer, we also have access to other aftermarket warranties at an additional charge.

Q: Do you take trades?
A: Unfortunately:  no.  We only sell equipment which we purchase new and maintain in our own shops.

Q: Why do prices vary within groups of identical trucks?
A: We discount our vehicles based on how long we’ve had each one for sale. We do this to encourage a “first in, first out” inventory turn so that no trucks sit too long on the sale lot. Because of this you may notice a wide price spread between trucks that seem identical. There’s nothing wrong with the lower priced one other than the fact that it’s been for sale longer.

Q: What type of selection do you offer?
A: We typically maintain an inventory of approximately 50 – 75 vehicles. We currently offer late model Mack and Volvo daycabs and sleepers, well spec’d and perfect for the single truck buyer or for companies that want a matched group of equipment. We also occasionally have other equipment for sale, including: asphalt tanks, dry bulk tanks, van trailers, flats, pup trailers and dollies. Watch our site for specials.